Children of Estarri

First Journey of Estarri's Children
the star-blessed journey

Although so much of the life in the temple was preparing to venture outside, Dorin and Calypso were surprised when the moment arrived. Calypso was itching to begin her pilgrimage to visit each of the holy shrines of the Estarri. Shrines made of stone, waterfall or lava which were said to be tears in the earth where the godsess had stopped, lived, loved or bled. Calypso felt as if the godsblood in her sung to be reunited with its past. She couldn’t wait to see what wisdom came to her when she prayed and meditated where her God/dess and ancestor had. Besides the world was large and she was eager to be in it. If only her cousin Dorin weren’t so cautious. It seemed as if they would never be ready to leave town!

Dorin was used to caring for the chaotic/impetuous young Calypso. When she had first been brought to the temple as a toddler, he had been told he could some day be expected to care for her. The blood of his own aristocratic family as well as that of his god, ran in her honored veins. The duties of a paladin were many and babysitting was no less likely a chore than caring for the horses, the temple livestock, or weapon training. No duty was insignificant. All were to be met with dignity and devotion.

The “cousins” met up with the chosen/hired companions, Wendell and Illyria. The pair had been selected from a number of adventurers that had presented themselves in answer to the temple’s summons and advertisements. It was through test of skill and will and then finally the scrying of Amara, the temple’s dream seer, that these companions were selected.

When the four met at a popular local tavern, the Majestic Mace, there was some concern that now that supplies had been purchased, how could they afford such a long and potentially expensive journey. While Estarri would no doubt provide it was decided the Godsess would appreciate their diligence in selecting work that honest hands could do along the way. Of the offers of jobs and bounties the tavern walls boasted, a caravan which needed protection on the trade route between Ri and the markets of Bath and points beyond intrigued the party. Dorin dutifully checked on the purchasing needs of local merchants, including the wizard Francheska, who supplied them with a letter of purchase in his behalf.

The party set off to see Francheska in his shop in the touristy, Gold Street district east of the temple. While there, Illyria, was dazzled by the magic which radiated off the jewelry and trinkets artfully displayed there. While the ranger Wendell was as entranced by the crystal bracelets that Francheska tempted him with as Francheska seemed to be entranced with the handsome paladin Dorin. The trinket whose actual properties (beyond attracting crows) are as yet unknown. Dorin managed to extract a vague, hopefully profitable, deal from the wizard and left with his chastity unassailed.

Later in the evening and unbeknownst to the other party members, Illyria returned to the gold district shop.

The party’s first plan had been to gain employment from a Master Lefric, a curio shop owner, and guard his caravan to market in Bath and then return from the shopping spree of buying trinkets for the wizard to enchant. Two birds, one stone. However the search for Lefric led the party into the unsavory western slums whose streets are a twisted maze of hovels built from scraps, carts, and falling buildings. It was necessary to hire urchins to guide them. The curio shop was open by appointment only but Lefric answered the bell that hung in an antechamber between his home above and the store. Lefric and Dorin scanned each other for alignment and ill intent. While no ill intent was present, neither was comfortable with what they discovered. Lefric continued to negotiate for them as guards since they were unlikely to rob him and as long as they stayed out of his business, their swords were as sharp and his money as spendable as any other’s. Dorin grew more suspicious that the cargo they would be protecting was likely unlawful. Calypso argued that it was in the service of good that they protect the lives of the hired driver Bovvity and his son, little Bovvity, from bandits and also unemployment. While they were arguing, Calypso convinced Lefric to open the store for them to peruse. She became enchanted with a magical set of garnet encrusted silver hairpins that seemed to hunger for blood and lend the strength to its wielder. Lefric offered these as partial payment for the cargo delivery. Dorin was unmoved and unmoveable. Reluctantly, Calypso surrendered the hairpins and Lefric shooed them from the shop.

Dorin’s concern for the cart-owner, Bovvity, consumed him and he demanded the party search until the man could be found. Bovvity was dismayed to find two aristocrats of the Warclaw/W’rcla family at his doorstep. Dorin having assertained that Bovvity was poor but honest hired the carter and his donkeys away from the (faintly) evil Master Lefric. Bovvity was overwhelmed by the good fortune the Estarri had directed unexpectedly to his door. Madame Bovvity however pleaded that Dorin purchase Bovvity’s servitude from Lefric because she feared the enraged employer would do them harm. Dorin refused to give money that would no doubt be used for the furtherance of lawlessness. But he took responsibility for the lives of the Bovvity family. The adventurers packed up the pregnant Mrs. Bovvity and Bovvity jr and moved them and their belongings to the temple. Calypso enrolled the young boy in temple school and had the pair set up in lodgings under her patronage. The two mongrel dogs which the Bovvitys had used to protect the stables where their cart and donkeys stayed, were too deliberately uncivil to be left at the temple. So the dogs, Pin and Pem, joined the party.

Early the next morning near sunrise the party rose to get in line to leave the walls of the temple city of Ri. But then considered that it was best to double-check the Bovvity’s home for any items that may have been unintentionally left behind. The search of the stable muck presented a strange bottle of wine etched in a language unreadable by any of the party but having some characters similar to Elvish. Also, an assortment of loose coins and unseen by the other searchers, Calypso found a simple gold band. She took it back to the temple, washed and put it on. As the party prepared to leave the temple later (after Dorin had also washed and changed clothes), amid warm goodbyes with Madam Bovvity and son, Madam exclaimed “My wedding band! Where did you find it?” Calypso cheerfully surrendered the ring.

Dorin and Wendell agreed to accompany Bovvity when he went to quit his former employer. Lefric cursed at Dorin as a rotten do-gooder and implied future harm should the opportunity arise. “You don’t know who you’re messing with.”


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